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In this instance, climate control is defined as: who has control of the climate of the room, car or water temp. The climate is usually controlled by myself, it comes with the leadership role. I lead in my home, it’s what I do and what I believe all men should do. Why is this important? Well, there are many reasons but the most important reason is that men know which way is North.

Yeah, I hear you! Some girls know which way is North but they were told by men. North is important, but leadership is a must. If he is a good man he will head North, kill his own meat, start a fire (climate control) and then grill the meat.

Climate control is not necessarily a manicle but it comes close. You see, we as men should posses common sense for ourselves and for the women we love. So when she tried to shut the heat off in the car after only moving down the road about 3 miles, you can tell her that she is not qualified to make that decision. Turning the heat completely off is not an option. You can ask to turn it down, but you must not touch a mans knobs. At least not while he is driving anyway.

Fellahs, the proper way to heat a vehicle for a road trip to anywhere, is to turn the fan dial to #2 and the heat needs to start at the hottest setting. Once desired tempurature is reached you can tap the heat down to the 3/4 mark. If it is still too hot then you may move the setting to the midway mark. This should suffice so long as there isn’t any women in the car that want it off.

Women are either really cold or really hot, never comfortable. It can be annoying as far as climate control goes. If you are just dating you must ask her for her opinion and allow a little bit of room for her to touch the heater. After about 6 months of dating she should know what the deal is when riding in the car. If she is not married to you in a year then you are in luck! There is still time to get out… Just kidding!!!

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chick flickWhat to do about watching chick flicks? You mean besides yelling, screaming, and running for the door? Well, in case you don’t know. Those are all very rookie mistakes. Noob.

First, we are assuming you are watching the flick with a chick… because… let’s be serious, why else would you be watching it. You see fellas, you still want to be around the girl. Who else is going to cook your food and do the laundry? So, you just need to be prepared ahead of the time for the chick flick. There are several things that can get you through a chick flick unscathed and actually allow you to have a good time.

1) A large mug and beer.
2) Food (obvious)
3) Earbuds so you can have one ear (the one opposite your lady friend) listening to music or sports (make it as unobtrusive as possible, like put the wire down your shirt).
4) A foot rest.
5) Knowing that by watching the flick you get leverage for the next movie pick.

Some additional tips which can prove invaluable:

1) Lull your lady friend to sleep and when she eventually gives in you can fast forward the movie or watch sports… always be ready to switch it back to the movie.
2) A planned emergency call from a buddy if things go south (a good way to cue this is a code word via texting).
3) Note certain phrases in the movie that are romantic so that you can woo her with them later… or discuss them and show that you were attentive.
4) If you decide you don’t like the girl in the middle of the movie, then just start crying and say “It’s just too much, it brings back too many memories” and then walk out.

These are just a few ways we here at WhatToDoAbout.com have learned. If you have any expertise to share, please do not hold back your wisdom. I hope that this has enlightened you… be brave… oh be brave.

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Are you tired of pointless questions? Do you hate questions you can’t answer? Are you tired of questions that don’t deserve an answer? Or are you ready for some pointless questions to make up for all of the hard questions you normally get? What if you had to answer questions all day? Would you go nuts? Or would you just answer them like some sort of answering machine?

Well, this is my life, maybe not all of my life, but a good majority of it. I get questions all of the time about everything. You know what? I think I shall list them, would that be a good idea? Should I do that? Ok here goes:

-what time are you going to be home?
-are you ready to eat?
-how was your sleep?
-did everything come out ok?
-whats wrong?
-what do you want for dinner?
-what time do you want up in the morning?
-do you get paid?
-where is the money?
-will you take out the trash?

I know, I know, you think you have figured out that this is another article about my wife. Well, you are wrong! It’s an article about life and love, no really… let me explain.

You spend your life asking yourself questions like: Is she the one? Is this the right job for me? When should I do this or that? Then you find a lady you love and it’s like she is your answer to all of life’s questions. For the most part you are right, but with answers, come more questions. If you don’t believe me, then clearly you are not married.

The good news, and yes, there is some good news, is that you can count on her love and support if she does answer all your questions about life and love. But there are stages in this question game.

First year, probably few questions, somewhere between 2-4 a day. Years 3 to 5, there are questions but you still haven’t noticed the frequency, more like 5-10 a day. Year 6 and up, well, here not only are you onto the questions game, you now realize that they are in fact questions with no point, or have obvious answers. These are questions that make you start noticing the fact that now you are being asked multiple questions, like an uzzy shooting questions like bullets at a large target, you will soon find yourself ducking behind furniture and around walls.

What happens at the later stages is something that women call “selective hearing” when in fact it’s question avoidance at its finest. Some of the true veterans of the game have fooled their spouse into believing that they are in fact deaf in one hear. To them I will salute, you sir(s) are true winners!

To the rest of you, this is worth the trade for somebody being your soulmate, but if you can slow the process, do it anyway possible. Godspeed men… Godspeed!

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Look… there is a certain etiquette that one must have while walking in public. Don’t spit on someone’s shoe, don’t go on a crop dusting spree, and, most importantly, DO NOT bump into someone without acknowledging what you’ve just done! This is probably the most unforgivable offense that you can pull off in the streets. I’m talking about the streets, not the “streets,” ok?!

When you bump into someone they immediately are thinking, “Ok, I am gonna punch you in the neck unless you say excuse me.” At least that’s what I am thinking and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Some people are not very forgiving. They might kick you in the shins or in your knee pit. There is such an easy remedy… “Excuse me!” But don’t do it sarcastically. This is even worse than not saying anything at all. Don’t say “Get out of my way, Chief” or “Watch it, Friend.” You are just picking a fight and you know it. If it is your fault, acknowledge it. Simple as that. Piece of cake. Over and done with.

One event that is always fun is the inevitable game of chicken at the mall. This is one of the reasons I hate going to the mall. In this country, people tend to walk/drive on the right side of the road. Why is the mall the only place that doesn’t apply?! You know what I’m talking about. When someone is walking directly at you, you should make a move. It should be to the right and it should be immediately. If you wait too long, you can end up in a little waltz with a stranger in the middle of a hundred people. Nothing is more embarrassing. There are some who are larger in stature that decide they are going to just keep walking. If you bump into them it’s your fault. Well, that is why you need to make the first move. Don’t see it as a sign of weakness, just do it!

The worst offenders are the ones that bump and just keep on going like nothing happened. I got bumped and ignored by this father walking his daughter out of a candy store the other day. I almost through a kiwi flavored jelly bean in his eye, but he was with his daughter. He is a lucky man. Very lucky.

Do the right thing people.

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Taking initiative seems rather lost nowadays doesn’t it? Noticing something needs to be done, taking responsibility to do it on your own. That is a nice change to see… when you see it.

I am sure there are times when taking initiative is bad. Like when you really have no clue what you are doing and just want to look like you do. In that case you will most likely screw up whatever you are trying to do and it will need to be redone.

Most things are great though and taking initiative in them can mark a great improvement in your life. Let’s say your parents or spouse or roommate is always asking you to do something or they do something regularly that you decide to take some initiative on and do it yourself either for them or for yourself. Well that’s refreshing isn’t it?

You may think you just did more work for no reward but you would be wrong. Not only does it give you a sense of accomplishment, but more importantly it will really help your relationship with that other person. it shows thought, care, and love.

So fill the dishwasher, take out the trash, open the door, shine some shoes… and the next time you need a psychologist’s help… don’t pay them $300 an hour… just come here to WhatToDoAbout.com and pay us. We know what you need. Take some initiative and get your life straightened out.

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