What To Do About CLUTTER

Oleh: Tim Mallon
May 18, 2009

It’s a neverending battle. IT wants you. IT wants to eat you alive. It will creep in ever so subtly: clutter.

Oh the disorderly tangle of stuff, stuff, and more stuff. We all have so much stuff these days… and usually it sits around in places because: “I use it all the time and don’t want to put it away” or “I don’t know where to put it” or “I am going to get rid of it soon” or “as soon as I put it away someone else will mess it back up”.

One of the best weapons against clutter is to have specific places for specific things and to have general places for general things. Let’s call it organization 101. If you have carved out an orderly spot for games then all of your games should go there… and not sit out. So you should try and seek out places to organize all such things (toys, clothes, games, supplies, movies, cookware, etc.) Most of this seems rather obvious and common sense… at least you would think.

You see… while most people seem to have notions about organizations they are rather lax in enforcing those notions… which often leads to clutter… which leads to a decline in productivity… which leads to frustration because you can’t remember where you put the scissors when all along you left them on top of the bookshelf.

I realize many of you have family members that are cluttery. Cluttery… is that a word? Anyway, many of you also might perhaps have roommates that are cluttery. So what to do, what to do… persevere in the battle. Perserverance will produce character and character will produce hope… hope that one day you will be able to live clutter free and that your family and roommates will amend there disorderliness. So be an example of clutter free living to the best of your ability… and do not grow bitter in your resentment of clutter… even though you fight against it.

Sometimes I let clutter purposefully have its way. I like to lure it into thinking that I don’t notice… even though I do… and then I retaliate with a vengeance. It builds up my tolerance too… so that I do not become overly concerned with clutter. Yes, balance is important in life… and clutter is not worth killing someone over… well… the first time felt pretty good.

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  • hire a personal space expert.

  • When you pack up and move you realize how much clutter you have

  • Yeah… so I forgot a couple things… hush

  • Viva la clutter free!!

    I feel like your article was a charge to the masses about fighting back against clutter, I feel energized and will soon be clutter free.
    Thanks Tim, you should be selling this approach to clutter.

  • Viva la clutter free!

    Long live the revolution!

  • Viva la clutter free!

    Long live the revolution!