Oleh: Nathan Mallon
February 13, 2009

So I currently have expired license plate tags on my car, I mean, they only expired on December 20th, 2007. I have decided to turn the whole situation into an experiment. How long can a person get away with driving on expired tags? Huh, that’s a good question, I really have no idea, but I’m sure I’ll find out!

It is kind of hard to believe that I have been driving the car almost every day for over a year with the expired tags, I was even pulled over for speeding about a month ago and not a word was mentioned by the highway patrol officer who pulled me over for going 22 mph over the speed limit in Kentucky and failing to use my turn signal while switching lanes. Right when I saw the cop car lights flashing behind me I thought “This is it, I’m busted, he is going to nail me for my tags in addition to speeding, dang it!!!” My brother and I were sitting in the car and as we were waiting for the cop to come and tell us about the ticket we both said he is going to get me for the tags, but nope, not a word was mentioned.

I just want to take this moment to say to all the highway patrollers out there, you guys really need to pay more attention.

Maybe it is because I currently have Ohio plates on my car although I have lived in Tennessee for over a year now, maybe since my license plate looks different those who are looking at it are distracted from the expired tags and pay no attention to it. There have been several occasions where I have been driving with a police car following directly behind me and I was not stopped. I definitely made sure to turn off or switch lanes as soon as I could obviously but it goes to show that attention isn’t being paid to my tags.

So I really do not know what to do about my expired tags. How long do you think I can go? We are at 386 days and counting. Can I make it 2 years? 5 years? longer?

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  • Marcella Villalobos

    i just bought a car from someone but the tags expired in february how much will they be?

  • attheendofitall

    It depends on your city or county. For example, if you lived in Nashville, TN you would have to go to the title and registration office and it would cost between $79-100 or so.

  • Heather Smith McCarty

    Detroit is horrible