Oleh: Tim Mallon
February 2, 2009

Yeah, you know you have done it, or you have come close. Trying to see how far you can go before you run out of gas. Trying to see if the gas gauge is accurate. Trying to see if “E” really means empty.

I was having one of those days where I was testing all of the above things. I was also terribly late for picking up my milk (yeah, long story). So I was driving an hour away to pick up my milk (I know, I know), and I was running low. My gas gauge has been acting up and sometimes it will be at an eighth or sixteenth and be telling the truth… but not this day.

So at about 20 miles out I was feeling confident. At 10 I was hoping. At 5, I was starting to get worried. I saw the sign for the exit I needed in a couple miles and it seemed my car was running a bit funny. And then it happened. Gah, guh, guh, gone. Luckily I was going so fast that I actually coasted to the exit ramp and was stranded near the beginning of the ramp. The friends that I was meeting picked me up at the end of the ramp and drove me to a gas station where I got a container and brought it back to my car. So it rather worked out in the end.

Still, running out of gas can be a harrowing experience for some people. So, here are some recommendations if you should run out of gas.

1. Have good listening music. It helps.

2. Have an extra gas container handy so you don’t have to buy one.

3. Have good walking shoes and an umbrella just in case.

4. Have the number of a nearby friend.

5. Have roadside assistance, something like, maybe, perhaps Triple A.

6. Have no fear. It will be ok… unless you are in the middle of nowhere with no good music, no walking shoes, no umbrella, no friends, no cell coverage, no roadside assistance, and not a living thing in sight.

Have you ever run out of gas?


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  • Andrew Lazarz

    Remember the middletown show I was with Terry's Dad we ran out of gas at the little town exit and you all left us in the dust. I had to walk about two miles to the nearest gas station Thank God they were open but yet i had to walk another two miles to the truck. I took a chance and trusted a couple who knew i was stranded to take me to the truck. Thank God they were good hearted people not the serial killing type and i managed to stay in one piece.

  • I faintly remember this, and I hate running out of gas. The only thing worse (or best thing depending on your point of view) is running out of gas with a date in the car. The key thing to remember is that you where going fast enough to coast. Always speed when the gas is low for maximum coasting!

  • I ran out of gas once. I was on the Church Street bridge downtown. My power steering wasn't working so somehow I managed to pull into the parking lot of Nashville Electric Service just coasting. Panicked, I called my mom, my boyfriend, and my work in that order. I knew that there had to be a good Samaritan somewhere in the NES offices. I walked in and they made an announcement to the people in the lobby. This woman with sunken in eyes, smelled of cigarette smoke, but had a kind smile offered to give me a lift to the closest gas station. Her name was Barbara.

  • ha… moral: don't judge a book by its cover

  • I faintly remember this as well… haha.. yes I do remember hearing you whine about it afterward haha

  • Colty

    I've come deadly close to running out of gas so many times. I would be running on fumes and every time I would make a left turn, my Jeep would sputter and I'd have to pump the gas and coast 'til I was not turning anymore, then usually gun it because of the oncoming traffic.

    I think being so poor you have to buy gas a gallon at a time is something everyone should experience. It teaches you lessons you might not learn otherwise and makes you a better person.

  • ha… so it didn't sputter when you made a right turn??… hmmm…. strange indeed

  • Katie

    Hahaha luckily I have not been through this terrible experience. I did push the limit once when we had that weird gas crisis here in Nashville. I drove all the way to Kentucky on E just to get gas and it was pretty terrifying. You should add constant prayer to that list” cause that is what did it fore me haha!!

  • Katie

    And by “fore” i mean “for”

    awesome… i can't type today…

  • ShShannon

    Okay, the whole story changes if you happen to run out of gas in the country. On a old country road where your neighbors may shoot you if you walk in their yard and everyone owns a dog or 5! So, in case this happens I will instruct you on how to survive if you should sole daringly attempt to walk the journey for gas… if you should run out of gas in the country….

    1. Carry a huge walking stick in the back seat.

    2. Carry a pouch of Mase and also a squirtgun of mase and walk with it as if you are carrying a loaded gun. I wouldn't suggest a real gun b/c you could have several false alarms and neighbors shoot back.

    3. Put on black eye liner – and smear it. This will work if you are a guy or a girl b/c if someone stops to try to rape you… They may bypass you because you appear to look crazy. It also helps if you also act paranoid.

    4. If you see Big Foot – don't run. Just stop drop and roll.

    5. Be prepared at any moment for a barking dog to jump out at you. When this happens – hold up your squirt gun and aim. If you should get bit when this happens use your walking stick to get the dog off your arm…

    6. If its Summer – bring bug repellent or you will never make the journey.

    7. Pray – you are in for a very long, scary, dark, and uncomfortable walk.

    8. Try your cell phone every few seconds until you get reception and call your closest buddy. But never quit walking – continue to walk.

    9. If you think you are walking the wrong way and walking further into the woods – you may just want to cry and give up.. .. because it sucks running out of gas in the COUNTRY!!!!!

  • Ha…stop drop and roll! I love it!

  • Ha…stop drop and roll! I love it!